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About studio 19

You know, everyone always says you have to follow the rules. Well, everyone until you meet a great teacher who tells you the truth.

The Truth: You have to know the rules. Then you can break them!

Yes, that's the on-going extravaganza that is working here at studio 19. We spend a lot of time making sure we know the rules. Then we break them. Not all of them, and not all at the same time. You see, the art comes from breaking the right rule the right way so that you create something that people don't expect. And if you've done it right, it's never a bad thing. And while we won't ever get stopped by the TSA...

... it's da bomb!

Millions of Words

The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is nice and all, but when you're talking video, you've got 30 pictures per second, so a commercial is worth, what, NINE MILLION WORDS, which is kind of a lot. No wonder people get tired of watching commercials, it's so many words!

We make all sorts of video — from commercials to short-form informative videos, to network shows to documentaries. We've done all of them, and no matter your needs, we can help you.

Even better, we can translate the jumbled mess of terminology and help you make the decision for what you actually need, and you'll know why you made those choices. Don't know HD from HBO? No worries, we do, and we can help you understand it, too.

It's actually fun, we promise!

Here's just one example of some of our work. No matter what type of production you need, we can do it.

Facebook, Twitter, The World Wide Web

Online, you can get lost, easily. There's so much you can see, so many different directions you can go.

Do you need Facebook? Do you have a Twitter? What about Instagram?

You probably do. You should at least consider it, and you can check out ours using the buttons below.

So follow along!


You can reach us via phone at 406-417-0070 or